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Re: bolt patterns

At 10:43 AM 3/5/96 -0500, you wrote:
>          A wheel question for ya,
>          I'm working on a wheel/tire package for my '85 Coupe GT, and I'm 
>          getting conflicting information due to the bolt pattern.  I've 
>          been told that the bolt pattern is 4x108 or 4x100.  

The easiest thing to do is measure the distance from the center of a wheel
lug  diagonally to the center of another wheel lug.  If you want to be real
accurate, use a caliper on the wheel stud holes in your spare tire's wheel.
>          The wheels on there now are the earlier 14x6 Ronals used with the 
>          '84 4kqs and Coupes with the exposed bolts. 

Don't be fooled by looks.  Ronal supplied wheels that look exactly the same
in both bolt patterns.  Furthermore, I've seen both bolt patterns on the
non-turbo coupes.

John Karasaki

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