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Coupe Quattro Registry

Seems like everyone is compiling a registry, so I thought I'd jump on the 
bandwagon.  I'll do one for Coupe Owners.  I'm still looking and not 
having much luck locating one within 500 miles!!!

Please e-mail me the following information

1. Name (First initial and last is fine)
   City, State
2. e-mail address
3. Year
4. Options
5. Mileage
6. Modifications (if applicable)
7. and any words of wisdom.
8. Pictures, if you can
     OR-  You may mail pictures to me at:

				Bryan Bowen
				5139 Campus Box
				Elon College, NC 27244

If you would like a hard copy of the list, send a SASE (I'm a 
college student, and subsequently not rollin' in it) to the above address 
and I will get one to you as soon as it looks like no more cars are 
coming in.

Thanks and I looking forward to it,


 Bryan Bowen * Elon College, NC * 910.538.3705 * boweb4p0@numen.elon.edu

X- '86 CGT Comm. Ed.
Soon-To-Be 1990 CQ

Here's a little more info:
Majors:  International Studies (Latin American Concentration)
         Business Administration (International Management Concentration)
Minor:   Spanish