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Re: Now that I've got the Hellas . . .

>My problem is that even though I have properly aimed (a little low even), I
keep getting flashed 
>by other's on the road who think I am running my brights.  Apparently, they
just look at the 
>light pattern and think that since there are four white lights on the same
horizontal plane, that 
>they must be my brights.  Even though they are shorter, narrower, and a
totally different color 

That's a real problem with these "aux low-beams". In fact, some troopers
will give you a nice big fine for more that two headlights on in the
presence of oncoming traffic, defective equipment, etc. I suspect that if
these 'aux low-beams' are so great that you could just kill the stock
lowbeams and run with the aux units only when on low-beam and relay the
stock low-beams to come on with the high-beams.

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