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Re: 5k fender replacement

Removing and installing the fender yourself will save you about 3 hrs. labor.
You might want to shop for a used fender and save even more. What I suggest
is you take your new/used fender to the body shop and have them 'edge' it,
i.e. paint the backside edges so you won't be able to tell it was replaced
when its installed. Take it home, hang it on the car, then cruise it back to
the body shop and have them spray it to match. There is no way (especially
with a silver car) that you will have a good paint match painting it off the
car. To really hide the replacement, they might have to blend paint onto the
adjoining door. It's really a matter of how nice you want the car to look. Of
course, if you find a silver fender in the salvage yard, this is all a moot

Dwight V. (auto damage appraiser by trade, BTW)
86 Cgt