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RE: Driving Lights on '91 200

Excellent information, thanks a lot.
- peter, peterhe@microsoft.com, redmond, wa
  91 200qw
  94 acura legend gs
  80 mazda 626

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>Subject: 	RE: Driving Lights on '91 200
>Just installed Bosch Driving lights on my '89 200. Mechanically,
>simple. Electronically, not so for me. The PIAA's should be even
>The easiest mounting location is on the UNDERside of the front bumper.
>Believe it or not, the bumper removes easily by unscrewing two large
>bolts (I believe 8MM). Use a high quality allen wrench; I
>twisted/wasted one
>completely. In any case, once the bolts are free, the bumper slides
>Do this carefully! I used a skateboard to support/slide and my
>girlfriend to
>help. It is not heavy, just cumbersome. You will have to detach the
>light harness and a air filter hose, and some of the underpinning
>Very easy.  I installed my lights inboard of the allen bolt holes.
>There is a
>slight slope to the bumper, so compensate for it with a degree of
>than 90'.
>The PIAA harness should be a thing of beauty, complete with a relay.
>You can
>get a Audi foglight switch from a dealer or from Blaufergnugen (I think
>paid $50). Expensive, but it looks/works great. To route wire into the
>interior, follow the engine hood release. Use existing gasket for H20
>My Bosche's are awesome and they were cheap (79$). They are far
>brighter and
>whiter than even my "upgraded" off-road only headlight bulbs. The
>should be even brighter with a much sharper cutoff. An excellent
>that makes driving an AUDI at night safe! (those aero lights really