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Re: More Stereo Stuff!

In a message dated 96-03-06 14:11:52 EST, you write:

>Weirdness #1  The CD player section is pretty much noise free.....  The 
>Radio section has the dreaded Alt. Whine.  FM has more noise than AM..... 
> I'm going to change where I'm getting my power from. I'm getting it now 
>from the stock radio power wire and I'm going to change it to directly 
>off of the battery, just like the Amp.

Your ground point is key as well Mr. Fletcher.....  Had that prollum (times
some 86 Crown vic K-9 wagon = 25ft wire),  found that common feed was key, as
well as a common ground, for all components.....  Found most custom hi-amp
installers do this as well.....
That 10ga wire gets expensive tho......  Found ground at the chassis ground
mounting was the least "noisy"