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Re: Light Bar

In a message dated 96-03-06 18:08:36 EST, you write:

>Were Bob D'Amato on-line and not off dealing with a family emergency, he'd
>probably point out that this can also be accomplished with the holes where
>the license plate bracket bolts to the bumper on most Audis.  Run a couple
>of braces under the grill and it apparently works very well with only very
>minor flickering due to vibration.  Damn, I *knew* I shouldn't have passed
>those bargain-priced ($150/two pair) near-new Hella Rallye 2000s onto him!
.....  BTW, FYI, I had the whole bumper in my living room in pieces for 4
days while I figgrd the lite mounting routine....  I assure you that if you
want to use the holes for the license plate, you will have lite wobble unless
you run a bar from the metal brackets that mount to the bumper pistons.....
 That is THE only place that is not "plastic," so yes you can use the plate
frame, but after being back there, there is NO support for stability, on the
backside of those holes are two clip nuts to hold the plate frame, lites it
was not designed for....   Figure something out from either the 4 bolts
holding the bumper pistons, or attach to the brackets where the bumper mounts
TO the pistons, those are the only lite-steady areas on the bumper.....