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Re: Coupe Quattro Registry...and more!


It *would* be polite to wait for my okay on this before posting it to the
list! (Which I was going to give you....and this is my first direct
communication with you, BTW)

To clarify things all Coupe owners, send the info to Bryan. Hopefully he'll
send me the maintenance info, which was/is my statistical project.

Slightly miffed....

Dorab (Nivi@aol.com) Eine "bitzli" Höflichkeit bitte! (Schweitzer Deutsch)
1993 S4
1990 Coupe Q
1986 Chevy Caprice

PS: Sorry about the bandwidth usage here..

In a message dated 96-03-06 14:41:02 EST, 
you (Bryan Bowen * Elon College, NC * 910.538.3705 * boweb4p0@numen.elon.edu)

>Subj:	Re: Coupe Quattro Registry...and more!
>Date:	96-03-06 14:41:02 EST
>From:	boweb4p0@numen.elon.edu (Bryan Bowen)
>To:	Nivi@aol.com
>Your information request ecompasses more than mine, so, if you don't 
>mind, I'll post a message saying to respond to your information and send 
>it to me.  I'll then keep you updated as to how many I've gotten and send 
>a copy to you whenever I get new ones.
>Sound good?
>Hope so,
> Bryan Bowen * Elon College, NC * 910.538.3705 * boweb4p0@numen.elon.edu
>X- '86 CGT Comm. Ed.
>Soon-To-Be 1990 CQ