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Re: lightning mountain

My 'plain Jane' 87 5000s has fiberglass inside the plastic shell of the
bumper. Drilled through both to mount the driving lights under the bumper.
Haven't yet run into vibration probs.
It's either the lights are very light. (Ha ha) They were PIAA oval driving
light copies. Now Bosch Driving lights (rectangular case)

Or I'm not driving FAST enough.  (zzooooommmmm!  Wobble wobble!)

>> The 5k series has no metal beam, it is all plastic outer and a "fiberglass"
>> inner fender, the only metal being the piston mounting brackets.
>BZZZZZZZT!  (YES!!!  I finally get to use the buzzer!!  This wasn't a trademark
>infringement was it Eric?)  I don't know if the difference is year, or lack of
>a turbo, but my (now her) '84 5kS has a metal (aluminum actually)
>sub-structure, while my TQ has a fiberglass (currently shattered in four
>places) sub-structure.  Even with a metal sub-structure, I'd certainly heed
>Scott's advice & secure those bad-boyz somewhere other than just the
>sub-structure.  I have no experience with 100W lights on an Audi, but I've got
>six 100W KC's on the roof of my Scout, and before I secured 'em good, they were
>a nuisance to use.  Bounce city.
>87 5000CS TQ - Metropolitan Washington, D.C.
>84 5000S - Boulder, Colorado
>90 80 - Bethesda, Maryland

Ernest Wong