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BANDWIDTH (was Update! PNW Quattro Club)

At 01:11 PM 3/7/96 -0800, Adam Diekerhoff wrote:

[deleted my comment about bandwidth optimization]
>I am interested, I do live in the PNW, I don't have a quattro, or an 
>audi, for that matter, but I'm feverishly looking for one.  Does that 
>matter?  If not, count me in.

Oops.  My goof...

I should have said: ANY and ALL list members interested in what's going on
with the "PNW QC"  Audi/Quattro/VW/Rain country/Palouse/and anywhere else--I
even got a response today from Victoria B.C.!  Thanks for bringing that one
to my attention Adam.  I use quotes, because in my conversation with Stan, a
new name may or may not be in the offing--as with this list, there's lots of
non-quattro owners (and even non-Audi owners) with interest in a club, the
events, knowledge, etc.  jeez--starting to sound a bit markety. 

BTW, I did receive Stan's letter to Scott Thiss, president of the QCUSA.  It
is a simple, 3 line note saying we had a vote, the vote is counted, and the
NW Region Audi Quattro Club is separating.

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