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Re: Antenna research(Greenlee Chassis Punches)

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One source for the Greenlee punches you were inquiring about is Contact East
Inc., 335 Willow Street, North Andover, MA 01845, phone # 1-508-682-2000.
They are an electronics supply company.  They have sizes listed from 1/2" to
1-1/8". Catalog # is 730-(size, i.e. 1/2, 11/16, etc.).  As Merlyn said "hold
on to your hat"; prices are a bit steep ($24.00 to $51.00), but to save that

Disclaimers on above do apply...

Bruce Johnson
85 4KCSQ


>I remember that in the Ag Engineering machine shop, they had some two-
>piece dies to make holes through sheet metal.  You drilled a small 
>hole for a bolt connecting the two pieces, which were round cup-
>spaned dies.  The smaller fit inside the cavity of the other, and had 
>cutting edges.  The basic technique was to drill a small hole 
>through the metal for the bolt, connect the dies with the bolt, then 
>tighten the bolt, and the smaller die but thru the sheet metal while 
>being braced against the larger die on the opposite side of the 
>metal.  No warping, no slipping.