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Re: What Audi will tow my Audi?

	On the subject of towing with an Audi, I have a "recepticle" trailer 
hitch for an '86 4000csq.  I had the hitch made for the car to tow my motorcycle 
to the track/Florida in the winter.  I have towed a loaded two moto trailer with 
nare a complaint form the 4k.

	Unfortunatly, *sniff*, my 4k is no longer, and I replaced it with an '87 
5kcst.  Sooooo, I have a trailer hitch for a 4k, if anyone is interested.  Only 
used once to tow two motorcycles from Boston to Orlando and back (Thanksgiving 
-'95).  It is a recepticle type sport hitch, so when the ball is removed, you 
can't even tell there is a hitch, unless you know what to look for.

	Had it custom made for $200, will sell for $100 b/o if any one is 
interested. Have all monting hardware, only requires the drilling of four 
mounting holes. if not, I'm sure I'll pick up another 4k at some point.

Paul Luevano							  '94 CBR 600F2
prl@ptc.com							  '87 5KCSTQ
Waltham, MA USA							  '86 5KCST
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