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PDQs lights, Bad Toyotas

So Scott,

You've got a great descrete light set up?  Well what is it.

Also, do you guys ever see "RaceCar Engineering" mag.  A neat but short article
on how Toyota built their slick but illegal turbo inlet restrictor bypass gizmo.

Basicaly what they did was to build a device that would pull the 34mm restrictor
5mm away from the turbo inlet.

This let air pass around the restrictor with not all the air going through it.
The FIA figures that an extra 15-20% air charge got through.  And they figure an
extra 40hp with it.  The extra air path wasn't at all smooth but so what.  The
cars flew.

The part David Copperfield would like is that when the restrictor assembly was
removed for inspection the 5mm "gap" would disappear.  Presto!  It was

I remember reading in AutoSport about all the extra speed the Toyotas had.  I
also remember the engine problmes they had too. Could be they needed to remap
the engine and maybe change the turbo spec a bit to work with the um restrictor.

Did Juha Kankunan know about these illegal mods or did he just think the guys
fixed a problem.  Juha doesn't need to cheat to win.  He has proven that.  I'd
lose a lot of respect if he knew he was winning by cheating.

Anyway, a neat article.