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Re: Rear Fog Lights on '96 A6 Q Wagon

Todd Writes
     I thought it only had a rear fog on the driver side, not both.???

That was a UK post if I remember correctly....  So wheel and or lite should
be on the "other" drivers side....  

This brings up the reason you see duals on cars from (or to, for that matter)
the UK, they want the fog on the drivers side, but when going across the
pond, if it was on the proper right side in UK, it's now on the wrong side in
the EC after exiting the tunnel/ferry......

Some EC countries are strict on the lites and require that only 1 be lit, and
it should be on the "overtaking" traffic side, which in EC (save UK) is the
left.....  I would tend to agree with the earlier post regarding the "why"
put on both, if in UK put on both sides, but a toggle switch should be used
to lite just one for "overtaking" rule.....  I'm sure, given the level of
pressure in EC on this, that this will prolly becum mandatory before too
long.....  And the volvos and jags, and rovers of the world will need to put
in that 1.29USD switch.....

Given the ignorance of the importance to good rear fogs here, and their
proper location, I'm not convinced we will ever see the end of the rear fog
lite issue here.....