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Re: Frozen ?? - '87 5kTQ

> hmmmmm....  could have had Ice builup on the linkage,

This is what I originally thought also.  However, when I pushed the clutch
pedal in, the car should have drifted forward, linkage frozen or not right?  As
soon as I got the car out of gear, it drifted forward, even though the clutch
was in the whole time.

> or you could have had
> some seriously cold hydraulic fluid or ice (water in the lines, or in the
> master/slave cylinder)in the clutch master that prevented the clutch from
> doing it's job.....  My guess would be the linkage thing, knowing how many
> times you have bled your brakes (but did that include the clutch master?)....
>  </:~)_?

Yep, bled the whole system three times since summer (long stories, don't ask)
did the clutch first each time.  OK, from here on, the only clutch I've ever
seen on the inside is the one on my Scout, which uses a Chevy bellhousing &
innerds, so I'm going to generalize & assume Audi's use the same setup, feel
free to buzz (send royalties to Mr. Fletcher accordingly though) if I'm wrong.
 Is it possible that the clutch fork (if it's got one) froze to the bellhousing
(or throwout bearing I guess) in such a way that the hydraulic pressure wasn't
enough to move the fork, to disengage the pressure plate?  Maybe the pressure
plate froze to the clutch disk?  It was absolutely dumping rain on the way to
work, I'm sure water got everywhere then froze solid...

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