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Re: Rear Fog Lights on '96 A6 Q Wagon


On Fri, 8 Mar 1996 PDQSHIP@aol.com wrote:

> Todd Writes
>      I thought it only had a rear fog on the driver side, not both.???
>      Todd
> That was a UK post if I remember correctly....  So wheel and or lite should
> be on the "other" drivers side....  
> This brings up the reason you see duals on cars from (or to, for that matter)
> the UK, they want the fog on the drivers side, but when going across the
> pond, if it was on the proper right side in UK, it's now on the wrong side in
> the EC after exiting the tunnel/ferry......
> Some EC countries are strict on the lites and require that only 1 be lit, and
> it should be on the "overtaking" traffic side, which in EC (save UK) is the
> left.....  I would tend to agree with the earlier post regarding the "why"
> put on both, if in UK put on both sides, but a toggle switch should be used
> to lite just one for "overtaking" rule.....  I'm sure, given the level of
> pressure in EC on this, that this will prolly becum mandatory before too
> long.....  And the volvos and jags, and rovers of the world will need to put
> in that 1.29USD switch.....
> Given the ignorance of the importance to good rear fogs here, and their
> proper location, I'm not convinced we will ever see the end of the rear fog
> lite issue here.....
> Scott