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Factory recalls & TSB's

Hey everyone,

I may be telling you something you already know, but here it goes:

As I was playing around on the net today, I ran across a site Alldata 
corp. has.  They are the ones that record all Factory Recalls and 
Technical Service Bullins (TSB's). It has tons of good info, if you can 
figure how to read the TSB's (I didn't have time when I was there, but if 
I figure it out, I will post)

For the 1990 Coupe there were about 160 TSB's.

Anyway this was FYI

If anyone checks it out, let us know if the info is good and/or helpful.


 Bryan Bowen * Elon College, NC * 910.538.3705 * boweb4p0@numen.elon.edu *

X- '86 CGT Comm. Ed.
Soon-to-be 1990 CQ

Here's a little more info:
Majors:  International Studies (Latin American Concentration)
         Business Administration (International Management Concentration)
Minor:   Spanish