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Re: Warranties?

At 11:17 AM 03/08/96 EST, you wrote:
>A while back I think I read something about Audi offering an "extended
>on used Audis if you bought from an authorized dealer and the car had passed a
>100 point inspection or something.  Kind of like what Porsche does.  It doesn't
>apply to me, but I have noticed a fairly sizable number of new names and or
>familiar names with new cars lately and they might actually have some incentive
>to go the dealer.  Any truth to this rumor?
>Joe Yakubik

Yeah, I bought a '92 100S with an extended warranty package. Audi calls it
Audi Assurance, and the car is supposed to go through an extensive list of
items to be checked before you drive it off the lot. The warranty I got was
12 months/12,000 miles for bumper to bumper, and 24 months/24,000 miles for
the powertrain.

The only thing I am still not sure of is if I got swindled or not. The
salesman told me that I could take $500 off the price if I didn't want the
coverage. This being my first Audi, I figured I'd better. (Good thing, cuz
the tranny was replaced shortly after that, which cost $5,000!). The
salesman said that I would be receiving warranty paperwork from AoA in about
4-6 weeks. (I wanted to know, and see in print, what  EXACTLY was covered.)
Well, I never got any. Many calls to the dealer, AoA, and I still never got
any. Each said the other was responsible. I finally gave up about getting
the paperwork. I did confirm, however, that I was "in the system" as having
a warranty.

The last time I had talked to AoA, a rep said that the extended warranty
comes standard with all used Audis. So, that is where I think I got rooked.
After all the jerking around by AoA and the dealer, I didn't bother going
back for more punishment. I figured that I'd bite the bullet, and consider
myself $4500 ahead of the game (at least I rationalize it that way).  Next
time, I'll be a bit more shrewd.

Anyone else have any experiences with this one?

And if AoA is listening, care to e-mail me re: details, and then send me a
check for $500?

Take care... and get it in writing!! :-)

                      Jim Griffin
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