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Struts towers tie bar and brake fluid reservoir for 100v6?

I am trying to find out if there is anyone in a group got a struts towers 
tie bar from the S6 fitted to the a 100V6? I know the cap of the brake 
fluid reservoir is offset towards the firewall in the S6 so it will not be
in the way of of struts towers tie bar. Does someone has the part numbers 
for tie bar kit, I remember there were some discussion on the V8 parts to 
use on the 200 tq. I also want to know if the brake fluid reservoir will 
fit the 100V6 master cylinder, I will also like the part number if 
someone has it too. I talked to the dealer this morning they told me they 
don't have a parts microfiche for the S6! The guy said something about 
"european only" but I told him I saw the actual thing on a S6 in Seattle 
in the Audi Stand in the Auto show but he kept saying he couldn't help.

Anthony Chan
92' 100 V6