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re: Tire advice needed

>I don't understand.  I know we've about beat this to death, but I need to 
>know.  Are y'all driving on the same BFG's I'm used to?  I know my RADIAL 
>T/A's are high mileage tires (and great ones for that matter) and thus 
>aren't supposed to stick.  But calling the Dunlop's higher mileage and 
>not as "on rails" as either of these two?  Never driven the Yoko's, 
>although I've heard they aren't all that.  My brother put brand new 50 
>series Comp T/A's on his Probe GT,  performance was WORSE than the factory 
>GOODYEAR EAGLES (which are the KING of suck as far as I'm concerned).  
>Help me please.  Have I been getting weird sets of tires.  Aren't Dunlops 
>(D40 M2's and SP Sport 8000's) the stickiest, stiffest-sidewalled, 
>shortest lived tires this side of lotsa money?  Eric?  Graydon?  Scott?

Hmmmmmm........ Let's see I've got Dunlop D60A2JLB's on my beast and I 
love them.  Great Wear (Considering.......) Pretty damn high levels of 
traction (Until the White stuff hit's and even then it ain't bad) and 
Quite.  SP8000 are even better and the D40's on the street in my opinion 
are untouchable.  My views on Yoks are well know (They SUCK!) BFG T/AR1's 
are great on the track but I would'nt want to drive there on them,  (Off 
temp performance sucks) and the Goodyear GSC's are pretty awsome.

Let me put it another way, Scott and I did a BMW event and it was cold, a 
difficult situation for a tire to perfome in.  We were RUNNING away from 
most other makes of tires....... Now My suspension Kit coulda helped that 
but our Dunlops came in sooner and stuck better than the 
Yoks/BFG's/Goodyears/Perelli's etc......  Unless I've got a set of track 
wheels my car's gonna ride on Dunlops......


Eric Fletcher