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Re: brake fluid leak between reservoir/MC

Hi Murari,

A year ago, my 5kcst had the same problem as you menthion.  The 
reservoir plug/seal that you questioned about is exist and it's
replaceable, but I don't have the procedure for replaceing this
plug/seal since this  thing  was replace by my mechanic. (By my 
guess, I think the reservoir and the plug can just pull out form
the MC, but I'm not sure if the air can get into the MC or not.)  

BTW, the price for this tiny thing is $6 each. Hope you can fix the leaks
as soon as posssible. :->

Albert Ng
'87 5kcst


On Sat, 9 Mar 1996, Murari Srinivasan wrote:

> Hi Quattroheads,
> here's another tickler (perhaps a no brainer
> for some). I seem to have a brake fluid leak
> at the point where the brake fluid reservoir 
> connects to the MC, in my 5ks. 
> Could this be the plug between the two that's
> given way ? The MC seems to be ok, although
> I haven't performed the dreaded 1,2,...20 (40?)
> push test recently.
> Would I be able to order this plug alone 
> separately ? It doesn't look as though 
> the MC and the reservoir are sold together,
> so I was under the impression I could just buy
> the plug, and achieve a cheap, correct fix
> (Does such a thing exist at all ? :)
> many thanks,
> Murari
> 85 5ks.
> 91 Galant VR4