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Re: Tire advice needed

Hairy green toads from Mars made Jeremy R King say:

> I don't understand.  I know we've about beat this to death, but I need to 
> know.  Are y'all driving on the same BFG's I'm used to?  I know my RADIAL 
> T/A's are high mileage tires (and great ones for that matter) and thus 
> aren't supposed to stick.  But calling the Dunlop's higher mileage and 
> not as "on rails" as either of these two?  Never driven the Yoko's, 
> although I've heard they aren't all that.  My brother put brand new 50 
> series Comp T/A's on his Probe GT,  performance was WORSE than the factory 
> GOODYEAR EAGLES (which are the KING of suck as far as I'm concerned).  
> Help me please.  Have I been getting weird sets of tires.  Aren't Dunlops 
> (D40 M2's and SP Sport 8000's) the stickiest, stiffest-sidewalled, 
> shortest lived tires this side of lotsa money?  Eric?  Graydon?  Scott?
> Jeremy
> '86 VW Quantum GL5
> Auburn University, Alabama, USA
> Hometown - Reidville, South Carolina, USA

BFG makes a lot of tires with "T/A" in the name. Angela's H-rated
Touring T/A's are decent (not too sticky or stiff, but really good
in the wet/snow). I've heard of Radial T/A, but don't know anything
about them. There's also the All-Terrain T/A (for dorF VUS's).

Then there's the Comp T/A, which most of us talk about, including
me. I have them on my car, and love'em to death. They are sticky
enough to make my nearly 2-ton beast hang onto those corners,
very good in wet and snow, even mostly bald like mine, and have
a very good "feel" to them. NOTE: these come in H-, V-, and Z-rated.
The H-rated are mediocre; they are a different tire with the same
name. The V-rated are what I run. The Z-rated are supposed to be
similar, but a little softer and stickier, with stiffer sidewalls.
A friend of mine runs them and gives them a thumbs-up.


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