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Re: Wheel corroded onto hubs

Bruce :

Well this might sound unorthodox but you need to firmly kick the wheel to
loosen it from the hub. The wheel is attached so flushly to the hub that it
requires a little force to remove the wheel. I kick the bottom of the wheel
(bottom sidewall not the underside with tread), be patient and make sure you
don't force in a way which will ruin your alignment or hurt your foot. 

Some wheel shops will use a rubber coated sledge hammer tapping (actually
hitting) the wheel(tire surface)  until it unsticks itself.

<last resort exercise care>
If you have a good jack, you can lower the car SLIGHTLY and let a portion of
the car's weight help you. Be careful not to let the car drop if the wheel
loosens. Also a good precaution is to position a small jackstand in such a
way that the hub assembly won't hit the ground at all if you lower too much
or a jack slips.
<end last resort>

Don't force anything, believe me the wheel will come off with some patience.
No reason to cause yourself or the car harm by not being careful.

90 90