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Re: Tires & Pond

More on tire's (just could not resist)

you might want to consider the Continental V & Z Rated Sport Contact 91 (not
90) I do not know you ratio of track time and performance street driving but
the Sport Contact is common on German Cars worthy of true Autobahn Cruising,
has very nice treadwear and performance characteristics. I have the lesser
CV90 and for the price is a very nice tire. I think the CZ91 is a great tire,
better than Pirelli ..... If you need day to day solid wet and dry
performance at great price try the CV90 or CZ90 (speed rating difference)
just don't find any snow ........

Bridgestone has the Expedia E01 and SO1 both great tires and if you look
closely on the 911 Turbo's of today you will see this tire, very grippy, but
some question about the life of the tire. Might be a good tire to drive to
the track on, but remove and save after track events. Potenza RE71 is closer
to mortal pricing and has nice performance etc...

Well that's my  $ 0.02 worth.... happy cruising !

90 90