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RE: Wheel corroded onto hubs

>> Hello all, I have a question about removing the wheels on a
>> 100 S that is a recent acquisition. The wheels seem to be
>> corroded onto the hubs. The car has 45k on it and did spend
>> it's early life in Wisconsin and now is in Washington State.
>> I wanted to check the brake pads so I removed the lug bolts
>> but the wheel would not budge. The same thing happened to the
>> V8 but to a much lesser extent. I yanked and pulled and tugged
>> on the wheel and got no movement at all. The wheels must
>> have been removed at some time in there life as the tires are
>> newer than 45k.
>> Is this common and does any body out there have a solution?

I used to have this problem with one of the rear wheels on my 4000S when   
changing to snow tires for the winter. No amount of kicking, hitting with   
a rubber mallet would loosen the wheel. Loosening the lug bolts slightly   
and driving the car at low speed (5-10 mph) and jamming on the brakes is   
what worked for me. Seemed to do no damage to the wheels. YMMV

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