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5KCSTQ front CV or driveshaft

I made the mistake of neglecting the rubber boot on the CV joint and now 
have to pay the penalty of replacing it.

The car is an '86 5KCSTQ
The joint that needs replacing is the outer front (right side, but I think both
front drive shafts are the same?).

I called a couple of places and found the CV joints go for around $210 and are
available.  However, I can have the drive shaft rebuilt (new inner and outer 
CV joints) for around $100 ??  The only drawback is they don't have any cores,
so I would have to have my own rebuilt, which equals downtime.

Anyone done this recently??  

What tools do I need for this and where is a good place to get them?
I believe it is a 30mm socket for the axle nut and an 8mm 12 point for the
inboard end.  Is that right?

Do I need to use a new axle nut?

Comments, suggestions, reasons for the weird pricing?