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Re: Fuse blowing UBERWGN

Ed asks:
> UBERWGN (my 95.5 S6 Avant) continues to blow one or two fuses
> intermittently.  Neither I nor the dealer can make it happen when we
> want it to happen.  It seems to happen only after a period of idling,
> or usage of the interior lights/radio with the engine off.  Happens
> about once a week.  The fuse that powers the interior lights, gas gage,
> etc. is the common one that blows.  You can replace the fuse
> immediately, and it will then refuse to blow again.

still happening??? <bummer> :|
> So we're trying to figure out how to isolate the problem.  One idea is
> to wire some in-line fuses in front of each component on this circuit,
> and see which one blows.  Another is to just disconnect non-critical
> components until the problem goes away.  Of course, we could just go
> replacing components too, but that's too expensive.

I would _never_ hack the existing wire harness to isolate the
problem unless my warranty was kaput!!!

In Washington state, a dealer has 3 good-faith tries to isolate and
fix a car. I would pursue replacement of the vehicle.  Dunno about
Illinois law, but I would certainly elevate this problem to the
appropriate level within Audi. Start with the regional rep and
work your way up the chain until you talk to Ferdy.

You are asking for _BIG_ trouble down the road if you modify the
harness now. WHile you may find and fix the problem, you certainly
run the risk of bigger problems down the road. Could you sell this
car to someone with a straight face??? That's the question you
must ask yourself when deciding on how to get the problem resolved.
Your warranty is supposed to fix problems like this, not leave
you with a car having intermittent problems. If the dealer has
_seen_ the problem - he _must_ fix it. Period.

> Anybody else got any good ideas about how to isolate a transient
> problem like this?

trust me, there are good ones out there... Audi owes you bigtime
on this one!! The only 'problem' I have with ours is the idiot
light for the handbrake - it's slightly maladjusted and doesn't
always extinguish when you release the brake. It always goes out
once you hit the first stopsign, though. Maybe it's a feature..

good luck!!!

steve powers ... '95.5 S6 ... '95 620RX/C ... '91 K100RS-16V ... '88 R100S
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