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Re: 200q: Ruminations on low end torque

All this talk of low end torque, boost, and warm weather has made me
think about fiddling with my 200q20v again.  I never have seen 1.8 bar
boost, even when trying the 1900rpm  and flooring it test.  I can
consistently see 1.6 bar.  According to what I read in my Bentley
manual, I should be able to hit 1.7-1.8 bar before reaching 3000 RPM.

The car is a 1991 200tq20v with about 94K miles (I'm 2nd owner).  When
I bought it, it had trouble hitting 1.4 bar boost, but that was traced
to  some leaks in the intake system.  Any ideas what I'm fighting now?
Leaky turbo bypass valve?  Bad wastegate frequency valve?  More leaks?
Any ideas for static testing?  I'm tempted to try Ned Ritchie's idea
of using some PVC pipe caps to seal the intake system and then
pressurizing it through a Schraeder valve on one of the caps.

Other than the "low" boost problem, the car runs smoothly at all
temperatures, with no hesitation.

John Mallick

'91 200tq20v
'84 4000q