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Re: For Sale - My 1983 TQC

At 09:19 AM 3/13/96 -0500, GADBOISMT@aol.com wrote:
>Unfortunately, my lifestyle is changing and I've realized I've got too much
>stuff and need to sell my '83 TQC. 

>Price for car with 6 x 15s is $6500.
>Price for car with both sets of rims/tires is $7500. For $7500 you also get
>my large format VW microfiche reader, parts fiche on '83 TQC, Bentley manual,
>one copy of Audi "Introductory Service Training Information", one set of
>Eibach progressive springs and my receipt records.
>If interested please contact me.  The car (and I) are located in Glen Ellyn,
>Illinois, a suburb 25 miles west of Chicago.  

WOW! Sounds like a very fair deal, someone here ought to snap it up FAST!

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