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Uneven tires on a TQ

After my recent pothole expeditions, I now drive the envy of all Quattro
owners.  The rear of the car has 215 45 R17 D40M2's on both sides, on the left
front I've got a 205 60 R15 P6, on the right front I've got the donut spare.
 This thing looks bitchin'.  The question is how big is the possibliity of
ruining my drivetrain with this config?  I'm guessing Audi wouldn't give a
spare that wasn't the right size, and when I bought the 17's I got a tire size
that had the exact rolling diameter of the stock tires.  A good look at my two
front wheels last night revealed a one inch gash in the sidewall of the Dunlop
(I thought I'd just broken the bead), at $150 per tire that thing's getting
fixed no time in the near future.  Haven't mounted my snows yet (didn't get 'em
until after all the snow was melted, no reason to) so I only have two stock
sized tires that aren't showing chords, any reason I shouldn't run the two
stock 15's on the front & the two 17's on the rear?  Other than the fact that
it will look stupid I mean...

87 5000CS TQ - Metropolitan Washington, D.C.
84 5000S - Boulder, Colorado
90 80 - Bethesda, Maryland