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Re: fairprice for 5k?

On Tue, 12 Mar 1996, Robert Paul Andrews wrote:

> I'd like your guys opinions on the price I should ask for this car.  I
> put it up for 1850 with little response.  
> 85 5000.  New auto trans, radiator, fan, all belts, waterpump, brake pads,
> struts, window regulator cables, resealed rack.
> Has tinted windows (big deal I know) and 76,000 miles.
> Runs good aside from the fact I blew my heater core on it last night. ;(
> Is not comsetically perfect, some clear coat has peeled thanks to the sun.
> But other than that.... not to bad.  Whadya guys think.
> Rob
> randrews@post.smu.edu
Let's see.... only 76,000 miles, new trans (important with automatics, 
right?), resealed rack (if it stays sealed, Big + ), timing belt and 
water pump, etc, etc.... $1850 is a nice sounding price, even in my area 
(Mesa / Phoenix, AZ) where prices seem to be lower.  If I was in the 
market, I'd be interested!  Seems very fair to me.  Even better if the 
core is fixed ;)


'86 5000 S 128k
'79 Fox 143k