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Re: Wanted: **** ** Quattro

On Wed, 13 Mar 1996 steveb@newkla.kla.com wrote:

> IMO Scott has a valid point, although I'm wondering if the issue isn't 
> related to whether you receive the quattro list or the quattro digest.
> In list mode you must add the list to your reply, so unless you make 
> an extra effort (as I did with this post) the response goes only to the
> person who posted the original message (or people for a thread).  In 
> digest mode a reply goes to the list out of necessity.  In that case 
> extra work is required to change the header to reflect the actual sub-
> ject being discussed.

My mail program automatically sents to the list if its address was 
included in the original post.  No extra effort needed.  On the contrary, 
it takes extra effort NOT to post to the list.
> Scott's point was related to advertising, but I think it is one we must
> all consider even when we're not ... we should all ask "How many people 
> on the list care about my response other than the original poster?"  If 
> the answer is not many, then simply send a direct e-mail message.  In this 
> situation there was a request (from me BTW) for a specific model and year 
> of Audi to purchase.  The posting of a response to the list in such a 
> situation does make one wonder about ulterior motives.

This almost defeats the purpose of the list.  I've learned a great deal 
from posts I have no business bein  interested in.  Heck, I don't even 
own an audi, so most of the posts on the list about mechanical/ 
electrical problems, tires, lights, performance mods, etc. should be 
pointless garbage for me.  Yet, I have a feeling they will come in handy 
for the time I do finally get an audi.  

I do agree that some of the strings can be paired down a bit.  On more 
than one occation I've come across a post to which I know the answer.  I 
post my reply, and continue on down only to find 5 other posts saying the 
same thing I said.  Case in point:  recently there was a post about a 
metal punching tool.  Countless posts appeared giving the name of the 
company and the address.  They all said the same thing.  I now make it a 
habit of reading all the messages before I post.
> Since I'm already here I'll put in my 2c/ on postings of cars that may be 
> of interest noted in local papers ... I personally don't mind the postings 
> given that you are only posting when you find a relatively unique car or 
> an apparent good value.  We don't need to see every Audi 5000 for sale, 
> but I don't have a problem with V8Qs, S*, etc.  

Ditto.  But if anyone knows of an '84 to '87 4000 quattro for sale in your 
area, PLEASE e-mail me directly 8^)