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Ur-Q online reg, pass 2

Well, its been a week and I've only received 16 responses, I know
there are more TQC owners on this list than that. V8 owners can't
out number TQC owners can they???

Of the respondents, this is truely a world car. We have owners checking
in from the US, Canada, England, Scotland and New Zeland.

So, TQC owners, warm up your fingers and pass along
a response. We're not looking for any phone numbers or addresses,
just the following info...

Make:  Ur-quattro
Interior color:
Performance mods:
Your name:
City / State:
Email address:
Other information:

I'll compile the results and post the list to the respondents and
the net if there is interest.

Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com
83 ur-quattro
86 gt