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Fuba 2

In a message dated 96-03-13 19:27:52 EST, you write:

>     For those of you who want to replace the fuba roof mount 'whip' type 
>     antenna.  The dealer gets ungodly amounts for this unit. The cable 
>     alone goes for 49.95.  Check in EC for vw parts houses; Wolfsport, 
>     APS.  Some of these places sell this antenna(cable included!) for as 
>     little as $55.00.  Wow, what a scam!
>     For those of you that know this, forgive me for restating.

Make sure you are getting the "booster type" fuba if you are going to get
one....  I will have a 2 piece cable (power for booster in whip base) and is
prolly NOT the price you have quoted above....  They both look identical, the
non booster type and the booster type use the same housing, but the booster
is what most of the vw/audis have on them.....

Caveat Emptor