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Re: 87 5k - Idle Stabilizer?

>Check for vac leaks.  This is a major cause of refusal to idle.
>First give everything the usual visual inspection.  Then, with the engine
>idsling, pull the oil dipstick.  If the engine dies, you probably do have a
>leak.  If nothing is found after the visual inspection, with the engine
>idling, spray around the various rubber parts with ether type starting fluid
>(you know the stuff your daddy used to spray down the carburetor -remember
>those? :-) - of his old Ford Fairlane on a cold winter morning).  If there
>is a vac leak, the rpms will pick up when the ether is sucked into the
>system through the leak.  This will give you a clue about where to look.
>Good luck.
>	Bob 
Thanks for the tip.  I noticed today that the presssure gauge is reading
lower than I remember during relatively low speed (<50) cruising under light
load.  Where I used to see 0.4 to 0.5 on the gauge, it's now more like 0.2
or 0.3.  Maximim under acceleration is still about 1.1 (as high as it has
ever gone during the 3 years I've owned the car).  Seems like there must be
a leak somewhere.

John D. Winkelman
Disclaimer:  I couldn't have been going that fast, officer!