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My 90CQ stereo experience

With all this talk about aftermarket stereo etc. I thought I'd share my 
I purchased/installed a Blaupunkt CD plyr and *kept* the stock speakers.
(I agree, the stock speakers sucks). It was either run all new speakers, wires
etc. or do it this way. I didn't feel like tearing apart my pristine interior,
causing any new rattles (car is very tight) etc., and then have to take it all
out when I sell/trade the car. So, I oppted for just replacing the head unit.
I purchased a devise from Crutchfield that allows you to by-pass the head
unit's amp and use the amp(s) supplied with the stock speakers, also a wiring
harness. This made the install a stictly plug-in-play opperation. Much easier
than tracking down alternator whines, or fixing new squeeks/rattles, etc.
How does it sound? Scale of 1-10, I'd give it a 7....and a hell of a lot better
than the stock radio, besides, who listens to cassettes any more? Best of all,
it was easy, *no* engine/alternator noise, takes about 5 min to replace the
stock radio, and I can play all my favorite CDs in the Q'....and it sounds, and
looks, pretty damn good!
I still have an ADS PQ8 amp, Boston Aq. speakers and Concord CD plyr (that
came out of my Corrado) sitting in the basement. They sounded simply awsome.
No comparison to the Q'. They'll go in my second car....as soon as I get one.

I feel this was/is a good compromise between the stock system and a high-end
all out install. Everything total cost me about $375.

Good luck,
Jef Johnstone
90 90CQ 40K
90 FZR1000

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