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lmet padding is really looking like crap, and it doesnt 
>fit so well either anymore (it was stored with my suit!). What are the 
>SCCA minimum requirements for Snell ratings on helmets? Im looking at 
>Bell, but if someone has a better hat to recommend, Im listening.

Snell 85 will get you by I'd recomend Snell 90.  As for Hat's I run only 
Bell but then they fit my head the best.  The only other hat maker out 
there that I'd use is Simpson, But there hat's don't fit my head for 
beans...... I used to wear a Bell M2RS For my full face and now I'm 
weaing a Vortex Pump (BIG $$$$$$$$$) and I teach in a Bell Mag 5 open 
face.  All the hat's that I wear are also Snell SA which are designed for 
car use, But then you already knew that!


Eric Fletcher