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Re: 5KCSTQ Assistance Requested

>>Sounds like you might need subframe bushings.  You can replace them with 
>>stock Audi parts OR I have replacements availble in Aluminium....
>So you have aluminium replacements?  Are they better than the original?  

Yes I have Aluminium Subframe Bushings, and use they are much better than 
the originals.

>Are they available for the tie rod ends and control arm bushings, also?

Nope, To much noise and vibration.

>How much do they cost and how do I get them?

The Subframe bushings are included with my suspension kit, so if you were 
thinking of upgrading the suspension that would be the way that I would 
suggest. Other wise you can buy them on their own .I also have a Delrin 
Bushing for the rear control arm inner rear bushing (The Donut Bushing). 
Prices are availble upon request.

HTH!  Let me know if you would like any more info


Eric Fletcher