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Re: aluminum subframe mounts 4000q

>      After coresponing with Eric Fletcher, it seems that alum subframe 
>      mounts can be made up for the 4000/coupe quattros.
>      However it will take 5 of us to get the quantity high enough to make 
>      it worth while.

With all due respect to STEADIRIC, I'd think twice about this if you plan to
drive your car on the street.  I've got a set of aluminum bushings for my 4k
Solo II car and they greatly increased the amount of noise/vibration that is
passed into the chassis ... even before I installed the solid motor & tranny
mounts, the car shook like a paint mixer and sounded like a gravel crusher!

On the other hand, these DO tighten up the steering feel and handling of the
car considerably ... perhaps you should talk to Eric about having a set made
from Turcite or Delrin instead?  BTW, if you do decide to have a set made, I
strongly recommend extending the steel inner sleeve so it fits in the recess
provided for the captured nuts the subframe bolts bolt to ... this will help
locate the subframe better and prevent it from "walking" under load.  You'll
probably need to have the bushings/subframe fitted professionally unless you
are real handy when it comes to fab work since the production tolerances are
such that the holes won't necessarily line up and it can take quite a bit of
"fiddling" to get the subframe installed properly.  BTDT...

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