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Re: 91 200'isms

On Mar 15,  3:23pm, Eliot Lim wrote:
> Subject: Re: 91 200'isms
> On 15 Mar 1996, Joe Yakubik wrote:
> > hits 1.7 bar on a daily basis @ 2000 ft altitude; 1.8 bar nearer to sea
> perhaps this has been a long time misconception of mine, but i always
> thought that turbos would produce the same manifold intake pressure
> regardless of altitude..

	This would be true (if *I* understand it correctly, of course!)
	if your compressor had enough capacity.  I believe this is usually
	*not* the case: manifold pressure may be wastegate limited at
	sea-level, but get into the mountains, and the turbo running full-tilt
	will still not trigger the wastegate.

	Presumably (as mentioned in a previous thread), making a turbo
	larger would give it enough excess capacity to maintain maximum
	boost at any altitude, but that would result in ridiculous turbo lag


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