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Re: A4 Tire Question

I've had Dunlop D60A2 tires do this, and it was solved by rotating them
across the front.  I used to think this was not advised with radials, but I
was told that is no longer true.

>My A4 seems to be drifting slightly to the right.  I called the dealer
>to have my alignment checked.  The dealer said that he has had a few A4s
>come in with the asme symptom, and they were related to the GoodYear
>tires on these cars.  Apparently, these tires develop a "radial pull".
>The solution seems to be to rotate the tires (I've done 3300miles).
>My question is:  Has anyone on the list experienced this.  Do you think
>I could convince the dealer to replace the tires with Michelins (the
>dealer thought that I should change the tires to Michelin).  What are
>the better tire choices?  Other tips?
>'96 A4
>'80 Fiat Spider

Richard Funnell,
San Jose, California
'83 urQ
'87 560 SL