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deep scratches...ugh(+other ext. care stuff)

Paint job question here-
This fall, my car was keyed on both sides with one deep scratch on each
side.  Then it happened again, and the third time, my car wasn't keyed, but
my best friend's car was, as well as 4-5 other cars belonging to my
friends.  Our adminstration at the high school(Wayland) is full of
you-know-what, and never made any effort to find out who it was-I think I
know exactly who it is, but I'm not sure...This asshole and his buddies
hate me and my group of friends because we deviate slightly from the
school's expected image of a student(ie in sports, in all AP classes,
etc.), especially since a couple of my friends attend meetings for the
school's Gay-Straight Alliance- these jerks are extremely homophobic, and
go after anyone who shows any kind of envolvment in something like that,
and I guess they think we're all gay or something...  But, different issue
not for the list, so here goes the question:

I was going to take some touch-up stuff from Audi and then compound it
smooth, but I wanted people's opinions/ideas first.  It's time for a car
wash+compound/wax, so I though I should take car of it now.  Paint was not
scratched all the way through the color coat(paint color is "alpine white",
and I can't see any change of color throughout the scratch...)  Stupid
question-why does it seem like the car doesn't have a clearcoat?  I could
have sworn the Bently included a clearcoat in the directions for
repainting...Any tips on good waxes would also be appreciated-I use some
stuff my father got that has the fombilin-a.  Seems to work well with some
clearcoat polishing compound...should I not use the clearcoat polishing
compound if the car doesn't have one?  It just seems to be a very fine

Also, while on the subject...  how the hell do you get the annoying bumpers
clean?  Armor All works for a while, and I've found that those foam brushes
work great for bumpers+interior work.  Still, after a little while, areas
of the bumper turn whitish because of wax that got onto the bumper
accidentally a long time ago, and I've tried everything from scrub brushes
to toothbrushes, etc etc. and the stuff just keeps reappearing after a few
weeks after the armor all was put on.  Has anybody at any luck getting this
stuff off?

One other quick thing- I'm not sure what wheels are on the car.  There are
a few 5k owners in our area, and almost every 5k or 4k I've seen doesn't
have the same type of wheels.  I've seen a few 5kCSTQ's (usually with
tinted windows, black paint job) that had spoked/intricate wheels that
looked like bare metal.  However, I have yet to see one with my wheels.
They're tan/golden with a pretty good paint job+what looks like clearcoat.
The cover is plastic, same color+with the usual rings pointing into the
center.  The wheel had 5 fairly wide arms, not the usual type with lots of
small oval openings close to the edge of the rim.  The "path" that each arm
takes looks kinda funny and is shaped with a notch at the very outside
edge. Looks kinda like this:
--------|_/----  (apologies for the horrible acsii art, picture the inside
line being flush with the slash+the slash not quite that slanted)

Anybody who has these things surely knows of what a pain in the ass it is
to clean out tar, brake dust+more out of the notch shown above and the
edges of the openings...

I asked my father about them when I was swapping the front+rear tires, and
he said he though that they had bought non-standard(ie not factory default)

Am I in lala land and these actually _are_ the "standard issue" wheels?
I also thought that there were three types of wheels on the 5k's: the
basic, unfancy one with small oval openings, the ones I have, and then the
super-fancy, bare metal/unpainted ones with the audi rings set under glass
over the center of the wheel or something(ya know, the same stuff that's
over the Audi logo right in front of the doors..)

Any ideas about getting the scratches "fixed" would be of a lot of
help-even if just compounding them is the way to go, I'd like to know.  I
plan to have the car de-scratched and gleaming just to snub the guys who
keyed the sides...I don't have to worry about them doing it again since my
friend and I park way to the side of the lot, way aways from the
office+path peopel normally take.