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Re: Tires and Pond

>> when extruding the tread though.
Bob D'Amato wrote
>You mean they extrude the tread and not injection mold it?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!

While I obviously can't tell company secrets its common knowledge in the
tire industry. 
The tire parts are assembled into a "green tire", looks like a drag slick
with too much sidewall, and then put into a mold with the tread pattern and
sidewall info.  A bladder is then inflated inside it and it is "cooked", it
pops out about 15 or so minutes later looking like a very hot tire with long
vents, these are trimmed and then it is forced and balanced, which can
include a force grind to balance it.
Different companies have different processes but I think for the most part
this is still how most or all do it.

But to answer your original question it is extruded and the tread can
contain more than one compound. BTW white sidewall really sucks.

>>Anyone have a list of tire manufacturers, where they are based (what
>>country), who they are owned by and where they are mfgd?

I did some surfing
http://www.tisc.org/tireinfo.html  gives info on who owns what, I didn't
know Riken was owned by Michelin. Learn something every day.

Burl Vibert
83 Coupe
87 5kCSTq