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Re: the new A3 ??

K.Benjawan writes:
>                         hello   ,what is the time of the new A3 to come ? I
> heard that it based on  "new" VW golf.
>         so this mean the new Golf will go on the market soon,right ?

Although the A3 is "based on the next generation Golf platform", the
A3 will actually go to market in Europe before the new Golf does.
So I think it should be more properly coined as "the new Golf is
based on the A3 platform". :-).

Anyway, the A3 should be available as a 1997 model in Europe,
I don't know how long Thailand lags the European introductions.
There is as yet no news as to whether the A3 will come to the
U.S.  Probably not.

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