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Headlight wiring

On the dark subject of Audi headlights....

I'm looking to improve my headlights, using info from many kind people on
this list. Looking at the wiring diagrams in the Bentley manual, I discover
that the wire sizes are no longer list in gauge. The wires feeding my 
light are lists as 1.5 in size. Is this some metric thing? Anyone know
how to convert it?

Also, the wires feeding the lights are 1.5. The wire to ground is 1.0.
The marker light also uses that wire for ground, feeding another 10 watts
into it. Seems like this needs to be bigger. I think replacing that wire
with a 1.5 (whatever that is) and putting the marker on its own ground would 

I'm thinking of using relays to feed the lights, but that won't help if 
everthing has to return though the small ground wire.

So, does anyone know what a 1.5 wire is? Or maybe a 2.0 or 2.5?

'86 4000CS Quattro