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Antenna location - 5000 Quattro

On Mon, 18 Mar 1996, Al Powell wrote:

> glass-based antennas...their reception just is not adequate.  My main 
> concern is making DARN sure, no, DAMN sure, that I get the hole the 
> right place.  There is a body brace right below the recomended 
> install position and positioning less than an inch in the  wrong 
> direction might be disastrous.  I think I will beg a local Audi owner 
> with a power antenna to let me take some measurements.....OR..
> OR - if any of you 5K/100/200 owners feel like it, could you spend 
> a minute with a tape measure and tell me the position of the center 
> shaft of your LR fender mounted power antenna?  I'm interested in 
> distance BACK from the front of the LR fender lip (measured thru the 
> center line of the antenna) and distance OVER from where the fender 
> lip bends down to make the trunk opening.

I got 620mm for the first measurement, and 25mm for the second.

There is also another body feature that may be a good cross reference.  
Looking from inside the trunk, at the fender lip, there is a "line" which 
is actualkly the trailing edge of the sheet metal of the fender, where it 
begins to join up with the rest of the body by the c-pillars.  The 
antenna is 120mm forward of this line.


Graydon D. Stuckey								
Flint, Michigan   USA
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