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RE: Buying a A4 Quattro

The automatic is not a good match for the V6 (IMHO). Go for the the
stick shift if you can talk her into it. If not, a A4 quattro w/an
automatic is at least still a good car overall, just somewhat sluggish

Check out the prices on Edmunds' web site (I don't have the URL here,
but it's on Yahoo) and see what you can work from your dealer. The A4s
are apparently still selling like hotcakes, but the automatics and the
funny red colour are supposedly pretty easy to deal on. BTW, Car
magazine described the orange-red colour as (maybe verbatim, maybe not)
"something from an accident at Booth's" (Booth is a major drug store
chain in the UK, if I remember correctly) :-) I am getting used to it
and actually kind of like it now.

Oh, and if you (she) can wait, go for the 1.8 Turbo quattro when it gets
here. It puts out 150hp/150lb-fts. with a small turbo, but Audi
themselves already have 210hp (and a little more torque) out of it with
a bigger turbo in the TT models. It's going to be much easier to mess
with than the V6.

Good luck with it and (hopefully) welcome to the ranks of Audi owners. I
hope you can do something fun for these great cars along the lines of
what you're doing for (other :-) VWs.
- peter, microsoft corp., wa
  91 200qw
  94 acura legend gs
  80 mazda 626

>From: 	Tim at ND[SMTP:turbotim@newdimensions.com]
>Sent: 	Saturday, March 16, 1996 5:25 AM
>To: 	quattro@coimbra.ans.net
>Subject: 	Buying a A4 Quattro
>Just joined the list and I am about to buy an A4 Quattro for my wife 
>as she is sick of Volkswagens since we own New Dimensions and she has 
>had VW's for the last 20 years. And besides VW does not have any all 
>wheel drive models here in the states yet. So we are going to get a 
>fully loaded model with an automatic. Any comments or suggestions 
>from all your Audi nuts. Is the Automatic OK and what kind of price 
>should we be paying for it. They seem to be running in the 32K range.
>Any help will be appreciated. Now ND will have to get more into the 
>Audi's since I own one. BTW- She had a 190E benz (won it) and it was 
>a very boring car. Finally sold it and since we are not quite ready 
>to buy the Carrera 4 yet she will be happy with a A4 for a while.