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e of the reasons for POOR radio reception in AUDI's is that the
antennae is mounted in the BACK. If you are going to drill anyway, why not do
it in the front, like on American cars? 

The reason that rear mounting "sucks" is that the huge length of cable
required to get aft picks up noise like, well, an antennae. I am convinced
that most if not all of my radio woes are due to the ant. In any case, the
ant. cable and requisite power lead have to trace a the floorpan of the car;
noise is picked up en route. 

If you still want to mount the antennae in the rear and you have an AMP
installed back there, too, try to put the ant. cable on one side of the
"transmission hump" or centerline of the car. Keep the amp power/ground on
the other side. I believe speaker cables should be away from the ant. wire.

Installing in the front of the car should be easy. Drill a hole in the right
fender (ouch...make sure you want to do this). Route cable through engine bay
and presto!