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Re: S4 with manifolds

At 09:52 AM 3/18/96 CST, Edward T Spire wrote:

>>From: Brendan Rudack <rudack@ucsub.Colorado.EDU>
>>The RS2 exhaust manifold was designed to reduce the heat and avoid the 
>>chance of burnt valves.  A friend put a Lehmann manifold(nearly 
>>identical to RS2) on his S4 and didn't notice any performance upgrade.  
>>From my understanding the manifold was designed to be used in high 
>>horsepower situations where it is not necessary in stock configuration.
>Hm...  the Schaumburg Audi performance guy told me that this manifold
>directed more exhaust force into the turbo than the stock manifold,
>and that in conjunction with a modified chip it would produce a
>noticable difference.

At one time (18 mos ago?), Ned was developing a cast/extrude-honed exhaust
manifold for the 20v turbo.  his price was going to be about half the
Lehmann piece.  don't know the current status on this.  Do know that Ned
will only sell a certain output level chip if you keep the stock manifold.
question is, does the manifold direct more force on the turbo (>>more boost)
or does the manifold allow more heat out of the engine, allowing the chip to
be more agressive?

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