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RE: 200tq rear calipers

Hi Bob,

I had the same prob with my 89TQ, bad emergency brake cable and 
rear calips. Found out when I got out of my car and it started rolling
away from me. I thought my car didn't like me anymore and was trying
to sneak away. :-/

I took my car to a import specialist in Ames, Ia and he replaced the calipers 
at a very reasonable cost, labor only. I purchased the calipers myself and 
called him to install. Some mechanics are not too happy about you bringing
your parts in, they give you a song and dance about "part warranties/guarantees"
et al... 

Anyway . . here are some parts outlets that I have had excelllent luck with in 
the last year or so.

Auto Doctor             1-800-626-0703
PAP                         1-800-944-2964
Northside                 1-800-247-2491   Ask for Paul in parts
Thoroughbred Mtrs  1-800-338-7783   Ask for RC in parts dept

Ther ya go, happy hunting!

                  A                        U                    D                   I
          Absolutely           Undeniably           Der           Incredible           :-)

P.S.   I went into the bookstore the other day and asked the clerk where the self-help section was . . 
she said, if I told you, that would defeat the whole purpose !


Keith Bidne
Ft Dodge, IA